• CDEs and LDEs

  • Districts

    Four FFA members put in hours of work to prepare and compete in the Agricultural Sales CDE. The students prepare for a career orrorunities by participating in a wide range of sales activities that help to develor their interpersonal skills. They work together as a team of four to develop a pre-call plan for a variety of different customer types. Then they work independantly to utilize their sale skills selling a product to a customer and taking a knowledge test. Our four members were Brooke, Paige, Lexi and Dawson. They did an excellent job developing their sales materials and perfecting their skills. This year they took 6th place and are hoping for a lottery draw to compete at the state level. 


  • Sub-Districts

    Three of our FFA members dedicated a large sum of time to memorizing and perfecting the FFA creed. When competing in this event students are able to develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner, as well as boost their self-confidence. The Creed Speaking LDE is designed solely for members who qualified while in the seventh, eighth or ninth grade. These outstanding FFA members are recognized for their ability to memorize and present the FFA Creed then answer questions on the meaning and purpose of the Creed. This year we have Kendra, Megan and Colby that traveled to Colton for their sub-district contest. At the contest Kendra took 6th, Megan took 3rd and Colby took 2nd. Megan and Colby will move on to compete at the district contest in hopes of progressing on to state. 


Last Modified on March 31, 2020