G-P Viking Volleyball  2019                      

        Date                  Opponent              Place                  Time   

    9/10/2019            Potlatch                Palouse                5:00pm

    9/11/2019         Oakesdale           Oakesdale           5:00pm

    9/16/2019         Colton                  Palouse               6:00pm

    9/17/2019         Prescott               Prescott              6:00pm

    9/19/2019         Touchet               Palouse               5:00pm                                               

    9/21/2019            Spikefest              Rosalia                  9:00am               

    9/24/2019          Pomeroy             Palouse                5:00pm

    9/26/2019          Colton                 Colton                   6:00pm              

    10/1/2019          SJEL                    Palouse                 5:00pm                                               

    10/5/2019          Pea&Lentil              Genesee                 8:00am

    10/7/209              Potlatch                Potlatch                 6:00pm                                              

    10/8/2019          Touchet               Touchet                5:00pm                                

    10/10/2019        Prescott              Palouse                 6:00pm

    10/15/2019        Pomeroy              Pomeroy               5:00pm                               

    10/17/2019        Oakesdale            Palouse                 5:00pm                               

    10/22/2019        SJEL                      St. John                5:00pm

    10/24/2019        BYE                                                                                       

    *League matches are in bold type


    District Tournament will be played on November 6th and 9th with top 4 teams qualifying.  Home sites will be used with the higher seed as the host, and the league champion hosts on the final day.          

Last Modified on October 1, 2019