Grade 5
  • 5th Grade Overview

    {Tasha Gehring}



    Language Arts: Wonders

    Our elementary has recently adopted a comprehensive program based on new standards. In 5th grade we will complete six units that include five weekly lessons guided by an essential question that ties in multiple readings and activities. Students will complete Literature Anthology selections paired with a variety of short additional passages throughout the week.  5th graders will also receive vocabulary practice to introduce, enrich and extend academic language and research-based instruction in phonics, grammar and spelling. For writing, students will work on weekly entries using and citing different texts and text-t0-text evidence. Every three units, students will complete a genre writing paper, beginning the year with an autobiographical sketch.

    Because we learn differently and will be at different levels in our learning paths, I will implement flexible grouping to meet with groups of 4-5 students four days a week to best meet individual needs. 

    Math: GO Math!

    As with Language Arts, the elementary is using a schoolwide program, GO Math, a program that is shown to help students engage with standards and practices in new ways. A typical lesson will begin with problem-based situations for students to solve in journals using multiple models, manipulatives, quick pictures and symbols to build mathematical understanding. My role will be to facilitate as students teach each other different solutions to solve problems. The lesson will flow into guided learning and presentation of strategies for problem solving and mathematical computation. Lastly, students will engage in completing independent work. If completed early, math centers with activities, games, and readers will be accessible to kids to review, reinforce and extend math concepts and skills.

    In grade 5, we begin by learning how multiplying a number by a power of 10 "shifts" every digit to the left. We use place value to find patterns in the number of zeroes in products of whole numbers, powers of 10 and exponents, and the location of the decimal point in products of decimals with the powers of 10. The following is what you can expect us to be learning this year!

    Math Year-at-a-Glance

    Fluency with Whole Numbers

    1. Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions
    2. Divide Whole Numbers
    3. Add and Subtract Decimals
    4. Multiply Decimals
    5. Divide Decimals

    Operations with Fractions

    1. Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators
    2. Multiply Fractions
    3. Divide Fractions

    Geometry and Measurement

    1. Geometry and Volume
    2. Algebra: Patterns and Graphing



    In 5th grade, we learn about United States history, economics, science and technology, geography, culture, citizenship, government and national symbols.

    Social Studies

    We will be using Mystery Science, a hands on curriculum that supports theN Generation Science Standards and Common Core. For more information, you can go onto the website,  





    Language Arts

    Grades will be based on:

    • Weekly chapter worksheets in Practice Books
    • Weekly Assessments
    • Unit Assessments
    • Spelling Tests
    • Writing Rubrics
    • Daily Writing
    • Written Assignments



    Grades will be based on:

    • Midpoint Chapter Checks
    • Chapter Reviews
    • Chapter Tests
    • Learning Reflections
    • Journal Participation


    Science and Social Studies

    Grades will be based on:

    • Assignments
    • Checkpoints
    • Writing
    • Participation and Attitude




    Students are welcome to bring a snack from home that they are able to eat in 15 minutes or less.



    I hope to use Classroom Dojo to communicate and encourage you to not hesitate to contact with me with questions, concerns… anything!

    Home Folders will come home daily and most student work will come home on Fridays. In the middle of September, I will begin sending optional homework to complete and return on Fridays for extra credit. It is not your traditional extra “skills practice” and is intentionally designed for kids to be reflective about their own learning strengths and weaknesses, to encourage family, and to let kids just be kids when they get home.  Later in the year, we will move into mandatory homework to practice organizational and time management skills and to prepare for Middle School.

    I highly recommend that ALL students read 20 minutes every night.



    About Me

    Thirteen years ago, I became a teacher. Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, then 3rd graders… I was a teacher of basketball to 7th and 8th grade girls, and later freshman through senior girls. For the last two years, I have been a teacher of high school boys basketball, and “Little Dribblers” kindergarten through 2nd grade basketball and I now, 5th grade! Give me a kid, and I will teach, inspire, motivate, connect with, and create a bond and influence that lasts a lifetime.

    Teaching something I absolutely love, but what I love even more is the chance to build confidence in kids, celebrate their successes as students and little people, and be someone they can look up to. In my classroom, I make it my focus to work with kids, families, and support staff to build a foundation that shapes the whole child. I reach out to each individual, create a safe, loving environment, and provide engaging instruction and means of learning. I use humor and laughter to build trust and relationships, and kids are drawn to my playful, energetic, and happy nature.

    Teaching and being with kids is a natural thing for me- the relationships I build, my patience with children, classroom management, the ability to make learning fun, be organized, communicate with parents, collaborate with staff, and make my classroom one big family are all a part of my style.

    Over the years, I inspired learning and have been personally proud to see all my “kids” succeed. I have quality experience and have developed highly effective learning strategies, instructional methods and the ability to educate diverse learners all while fostering a fun, engaging, and loving learning environment. I am passionate about being innovative and current on best teaching practices, understanding how to motivate and build on children’s natural curiosity and ultimately helping all students grow and flourish. All kids can learn and be successful and I hope to positively influence them on their journey ahead!