(Due to updates at Blackboard/Schoolwires, this instruction sheet may not be 100% accurate, but should allow you to complete your basic pages/projects.

    Open the Gar-Pal school website at: www.garpal.net

    On the top right corner – click on “Sign In”

    Use your school account username and password

    Click on User Options and then Site Manager

    Navigate to your page on the website. - Screen will change and you will most likely have a tab for “Manage Pages”

    To create a new page - Click on “New Page”

    To edit an existing page – Click on the name of the existing page.

    NEW PAGES - For most content, click on “Flex Editor” (this will be a blank page than can be edited similar to editing MS Word)

    Enter a name for the new page – This will show on the menu on the left side of your teacher page and will be viewable by the public.

    Click on “Save and Continue”

    The menu of pages will re-appear, simply click on the name of the page you want to edit and then click on the "Content" widget box, or "Photo Gallery" widget box, etc. These will vary depending on what kind of content or app you are using on the page. In some cases, you may have more than one widget box showing, depending on your page layout.

    Edit and enter text on the page, similar to using MS Word. Use the icons for bold, colors, left align, center, fonts, font size, etc.

    Click on “Save” often.

    When completed, you MUST click the box beside “Activate on my page” if the page is ready for publication. If "Activate on my page" is unchecked, nobody will see the page except you. This is a good way to prepare an inactive page in advance, re-edit it, tweak it, etc. before publishing it to the website.

    Top Left of menu bar – "View Website" – these toggle you from edit mode to view mode. In Chrome this will open a preview of the website in a new window. Closing the window will return you to the list of editable pages on your site. Other browsers may be slightly different, however the concept is the same.

    When completely done, click on “Sign Out” (top right) and then click on the “Red X” and then close your browser.


    To CREATE A TABLE layout in a flex editor page

    Open a new page (flex page) or an existing flex page.

    Instead of clicking on the "Content" widget, click on the "Manage Apps and Layout" under Actions on the right side of the page.

    Click on Add App and choose "Table" from the list.

    Click on Create New and name the table, then click on "Create"

    Arrange the Widgets in the order you want and then click on "I'm Done"

    Click on the Table widget and select the number of rows and columns from the size chart by dragging the cursor over the boxes to indicate the number of rows and columns desired and click on the bottom right hand box.

    A table with no borders will be created.

    Set Table Options can be used to select Table Styles

    Right-Click in the row or column and choose from the options.


    Type some text to have displayed for the user to click on. Highlight that piece of test, such as “click here”.
    Click on the icon resembling a chain link (5th from left-bottom row) Insert Link.
    Follow the wizard. Click “Web Address” > Next > Type or paste in the website address > Insert Link to hyperlink the new website address to the text you had originally highlighted.

    To INSERT A LINK TO A FILE from your computer or network.
    Type some text to have displayed for the user to click on. Highlight that piece of test, such as “click here”.
    Click on the icon with Tray and Up Arrow (7th from left-bottom row) Insert File Link.
    Follow the wizard. Browse to the current file’s location > Continue > type in Text to Display > Insert File

Last Modified on December 12, 2017