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    R. Noel Akin

    English 101(EWU)/Spanish/KnowledgeBowl/English 9-11

    Contact: nakin@garpal.net


    Fall/Winter 2017English 101 through Eastern Washington University, Spanish I, Film as Literature and English 9: Composition.  I now employ Google Classroom, so parents and students can view assignments, rubrics/directions and due dates online, any time.  Students submit their work digitally, and I will assess their work on a continual basis.  Whenever your student misses school, they can simply log in to their google class to see any updates, or to continue working on an assignment.  Please check Skyward, accessed on the main GarPal website, for your student's current grade.

    Winter/Spring 2018:  Spanish 1, Senior English, English 10: Composition, and Speech/Debate.  Again, all of my classes will be up on Google Classroom.


    Students who are serious about attending a college or university will read for 90 minutes a day, independent of assigned classroom reading.


    College Bound Reading......











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    Palouse School District
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