• Syllabus for English Literature 9


    Garfield -Palouse High School

    Scott Thompson



                We will begin the year by looking at the elements of the story, progressing from short stories, to novels and plays.  Materials covered will be as follows:


    • Literary elements and devices (irony, plot, setting, etc.)
    • The short story and elements thereof:  The Cask of Amontillado, The Most Dangerous Game etc.
    • Dramatic reading/viewing of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
    • Oral presentations: Mythology
    • Poetry:  Study of literary elements (alliteration, personification, simile and metaphor etc.) through the reading/writing of certain poems.
    • Novels:  The Pearl, and The Hunger Games.
    • Reading


    I am not providing a timeframe for the material listed above as it is difficult to pinpoint the length of time it will take to complete each section. 


    Grading system:

    Daily work   20%

    Quizzes        35%

    Test/Essay    45%


    A=90 to 100

    B=80 to 89

    C=70 to 79

    D=60 to 69

    F= 59 or below