• What is Biology?

    Defining biology as the scientific study of life raises the obvious question: What is life? Even a small child realizes that a bug or a flower is alive, whereas a rock or a car is not. But the phenomenon we call life defies a simple, one-sentence definition. We will investigate numerous subtopics including but limited to molecules of life, cells, energy of life, photosynthesis, DNA, cellular reproduction, biotechnology, genetics, evolution, and diversity of life on Earth.  The students will be assigned questions and problems on a regular basis.  There will also be a lab associated with the course.  These labs are designed to provide students with a variety of experiences to reinforce biological principles.  Each student will receive safety training and be held accountable for strictly following safety guidelines.  All labs and associated problems MUST be completed in pencil unless submitted electronically.  You will need a calculator, and a mechanical pencil is helpful.

    Topics we will cover in this class include:

    Molecules of life


    Energy of life



    cellular reproduction




    Diversity of life on Earth