• As you grow towards graduation, think of these "Words to Live By" while attending GarPal High School.

    Standards of Behavior

    We care about each other and our community.
    We have respect for self and others.
    We treat others as we want to be treated.
    We contribute for the betterment of our community.
    We are responsible for our actions.
    Attend class and be punctual.
    Bring appropriate materials to class.
    Respect everyone’s right to learn.
    Use appropriate and respectful language.
    Comply with teacher’s requests.
    Actively engage in learning by doing thorough work in a timely manner.

    Values Held by Our Community

    Responsibility for One’s Actions
    Hard Work
    Pride in Community
    Respect for Family
    Respect for the Law
    Respect for Learning
    Tolerance of Others
    Respect for the Natural Environment

    It Doesn’t Matter

    Some kids are SMARTER than you,
    Some kids have cooler clothes (and stuff) than you,
    Some kids are better at sports than you,
    IT DOESN’T Matter
    You have YOUR thing too.
    Be the kid who can GET ALONG.
    Be the kid who is generous.
    Be the kid who is HAPPY for others.
    Be the kid who does the right thing.
    Be the nice kid.
    That Matters!