• Literature in Film:  Reading and Viewing the classics.


    We will be viewing films from different genres sometimes comparing them to their literary counterpart.  Some of the films that we will watch come with commentary of directors and actors who took part in the film.  We will be discovering different filming techniques, importance of cast selection, shot sequences, symbolism and various other devices used in cinematic creations.  Films will be compared to the literary counterpart and discussed accordingly.  Students will also research different careers available in the film industry and give an oral presentation on that career.   Films viewed will be divided up into genres such as classic, multi-cultural, civil rights, coming of age, utopian, and others if there is time.  Not all of the films we watch will have literary counterparts

    One of your first orders of business should be to decide what film industry career you wish to research and present on, and what novel you will choose to read that has a film counterpart. 

    Most of our daily work will be reading viewing and discussing for which you will receive a participation/effort grade.  Tests will come at the end of each genre of film, and of course, your research presentation will be a major part of your grade as well.

    Classic Films :  Citizen Kane / The Cowboys

    Hope:  The Shawshank Redemption / The Count of Monte Cristo

    Dystopian/Utopian:  Pleasantville / The Road

    Coming of Age: / Innocence – Stand By Me

    Nonfiction: / Into the Wild

    Drama to Screen: / Twelfth Night or A Streetcar Named Desire

    More films may be included depending on the amount of time we have to work with considering our new schedule. 

    Daily participation and attendance will make up 40 percent of your grade, while tests and projects will make up the other 60 percent.


    This class is intended to spark some dynamic and analytical discussions with each work that is read/viewed.