• Welcome to the RAIDER Yearbook page. 
              We are now accepting cover submissions for both the Middle School and Elementary School sections of this years' yearbook.  Please submit your drawings to my mailbox (with your name on the back), or email me a copy.   We will choose the covers in our Fourth Quarter class.  
         There is also a need of sports pictures.  If you have pictures from Middle School Cross Country, Middle School Gilrs Basketball, Middle School Boys Basketball (and you would not mind sharing) we would really appreciate if you would email some for us to use in the yearbook.

       We would also like pictures from any elementary function (concerts, class parties, field trips, etc.) that we could use in the book.  These you can either give me a copy, or email them to me as an attachment at my school address: dkallaher@garpal.net.
      Mr. Kallaher
Last Modified on January 12, 2018