The Career Information System


    Garfield-Palouse High School is a registered user of the WOIS online information system. WOIS is a Washington-based system that provides information and data about careers, academic programs, and institutions of post-secondary education.   Students begin using WOIS during advisory periods in 9th grade and continue to use it periodically throughout high school.  Students receive the site key for our school and then create their own portfolio where they can save the career assessments and research that they have done.

    The WOIS website is: www.wois.org


    CAREER INFORMATION: Upon completing various assessments, students are provided with lists of careers that may be a suitable match for them.  They can then look up information about specific occupations, including job descriptions, expected growth/decline, average salaries and post-secondary education requirements.  Students who are not sure what they may want to do after high school may find the tools especially valuable.

    PORTFOLIOS: Students create an online WOIS portfolio to save information about careers, resumes, and results from different assessments and interest inventories. This portfolio is password protected so that only the creator of the account has access. 
    There are a number of websites where you can search for colleges that match the criteria that you are looking for.  The ones that I use most frequently are at www.petersons.com or www.collegeboard.org.
Last Modified on November 17, 2017