• John Steinbeck:  Observer of People and Place


    Introduction – John Steinbeck’s place in American literature has been immortalized in that he created Steinbeck Country: A land rich in its history and full of vibrant characters, both of which Steinbeck chronicled in their truest, saddest, and most glorious moments.


    I.  Steinbeck is born 1902


    A.     Boyhood in Salinas, California


       1.  Personal life/Background


    B.     Education


    1.      Book on Arthurian Legends


    2.      Stanford University


    3.      Life Experience and the Depression


    C.     Writing: A labor of love


    1.      Steinbeck Country


    2.      Ed Ricketts


    3.      The Novels


    4.      Critics/Awards



    D.     Of Mice and Men (the novel you read by your author)



    A.     Setting


    B.     Characters


    C.     The depression


    D.     Theme



    Conclusion:  John Steinbeck will forever hold a place in American literature as the man who told the truth about the people, the landscape, and the time in which he lived in its truest form.

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