• In order to significantly increase student long-term success in any class, parents with students could
    1) Check your child's teacher's web page for a Week at a Glance to see what is happening in class. You may also check their Google Classroom with them for additional information . Ask your child specific questions about assignments he/she is working on. Take the time to look at what he/she is doing, even if he/she says it is done. Ask him/her to bring it home. I am happy to have you assist your child in any way you see fit and appropriate. Checking their daily planner will also be helpful. I always have the students write down what is due the next day as well as giving several days heads-up for projects, quizzes, and tests.]
    2) Look over notes a few times a week for 15 minutes or so: the information stays fresh, students will gain a greater understanding of the material, and they will be more prepared for quizzes and exams.
    3) Look over vocabulary a few times a week for the same reasons as looking over the notes. It reinforces the concepts discussed in class.
    4) Create flashcards for terms and concepts, placing a word on one side and the definition/concept on the opposite side. Drawing an image of the word beside the word can be a great help as well. Going over and over the words allows those words and concepts to become second nature in his/her mind.
    5) Complete assignments that have not been completed in class with your child at home, guiding them along the way.
    6) Check Skyward's parental access on a regular basis. It provides current feedback concerning graded assignments.
    7) Have students perform regular chores at home. Provide feedback on their performance. Students who have a structure in place at home, where they have to do regular chores, several times a week, at specific times have a better chance of managing the structure of school assignments and timelines.
    8) Have a specific place at home for homework; turn off TV or other entertainment devices to minimize or even eliminate distractions.
    9) Email, text or call me any time. I am happy to discuss anything of interest or concern to you. I sincerely want to see your child thrive. Let's work together to see that happen.