• Phil Weagraff’s 6th - 8th Grade Classes




    ¨       Turning in a homework and classroom assignments on time is given a 5-10 point value.  If homework or class assignment is complete and on time student will earn 5-10 points, otherwise it will receive a 0. This assessment addresses the responsibility of the student and citizenship within the classroom environment.


    ¨       AR reading receive 100 pts per quarter. [Goal based on reading level and 3 hours of reading a week.]


    ¨       Projects: Group or individual projects/presentations receive anywhere from 50 points to 200 points depending on the length and detail of content required.


    ¨        Late Assignments:  It is every teachers’ expectation that all assignments be submitted on time. A student should not depend on partial credit for late assignments. No late assignments will be accepted for credit unless accompanied with an excused absence or arranged personally with me. It is not our intention to overload students with homework. If students use class time wisely and manage their time outside of school well, homework or timelines should not be overwhelming or unreasonable. 


    ¨       Periodic tests and quizzes are given and graded; quizzes are usually not more than 20 pts while tests are generally 100+ points each.


    ¨       Extra Credit will not be available. There is an equal opportunity for each student to earn extra credit. I have extra credit weaved into the most assignments [quizzes, handouts, etc] throughout each quarter. It has been my observation that students who complete the assignments initially handed out, and turn them in completed on time always perform at or above average in class. 




    ¨       Students are to raise their hands if they want my attention or make a verbal contribution to the class.


    ¨       All homework assignments will be written in the Daily Planners. Major assignments and due dates are posted on the school's web site under my name on the “Teacher Pages” icon.


    ¨       Each class has an assignment box in the classroom that they are to use when an assignment is complete.


    ¨       Students are expected to have all necessary materials for each class: LA Notebook, AR book, pencil or pen, and homework assignments. 


    ¨       Students are expected to be ready to work at the bell that begins class time.


    One classroom rule: RESPECT [Showing Value] at all times – towards all people - and all property.

Last Modified on August 28, 2018