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    News From Mrs. Kerns' 2/3 Classroom!


          We have been working extremely hard on learning everything that second and third graders must know about fractions!  The students are getting the important concepts down and have been looking for fractions in the real world.  Any opportunity that you arrises for the discussion of fractions at home is wonderful.  Many students say that they have helped in the kitchen and we know that fractions are abundant there! Just the other day one student came up and showed me a fraction he had found in his AR book! 



          In reading, students have been focusing on comprehension skills and fluency.  A fluent reader reads a texts, quickly, accurately and with expression. Their reading sounds natural, as if they are speaking. Fluent readers do not have to concentrate on decoding words, therefore can focus on comprehending the text. The less a student has to focus on decoding, the deeper the understanding for the text will be. We practice this each day at school, however reading aloud to an adult is very important.
          We have also been identifying word parts, such as prefixes, suffixes and base words.  This has helped us correctly separate words into syllables, which helps with reading as well.  



          We have just started our exploration of earth materials!  Our investigations will be guided through a FOSS science kit.  The first step we had to complete was making mock rocks.  It takes a while for them to completely dry, so we are patiently (or impatiently) awaiting the day we can begin our inquiry!  In the mean time, we are reading about the various rock types in books and have viewed several videos examining the creation of rocks.



    Language Arts

          In language arts, students have been learning about pronouns and how to correctly use them in their writing and speaking.  At this point in a child's education, it is crucial to correct any grammatical errors in their speech, as this often carries over into their writing.  In addition to this, they study of contraction has taken place.  Students love to use contractions in their writing!


    Social Studies

          We are exploring our Scholastic News magazines!  I hope that your child is sharing some of the knowledge we have gained through these wonderful articles.




          We have recently started a 6-Trait-Writing program.  Students are learning how to narrow down a topic to make it clear and concise.  We have also talked about how adding adjectives makes a writing more enjoyable.