•           Soils and Land Evaluation  

     A lot of our members got their hands dirty by participation in soils competition and did fantastic! Soils and Land Evaluation helps students to learn how to evaluate the land for either successful raising of animals, growing crops or building structures.  Participants have developed a high level of skill in identifying and evaluating soil samples for various indicators, grading the plots of land for slope and drainage and woring to determine what the land would be best suited for. We have many participants and they spend a significant amount of time studying and practicing. This year we did very well at all of the cotests! 
    Garfield County Competition (September 25th 2019)

    Out of 27 teams our team results are:
    1st place Gar-Pal 1
    4th place Gar-Pal 2
    5th place Gar-Pal 5
    6th place Gar-Pal 3
    11th place Gar-Pal 4

    The top 10 individuals:
    1st place Austin Jones
    2nd place Kendra Lentz
    3rd place Brooke Bankus
    6th place Abby Perkins
    7th place Dawson Dugger
    10th Megan Olson

    Adams County Competition (October 15th 2019)

    Our members traveled to Asotin county today and brought home some impressive scores.

    Out of 23 teams-
    Gar-Pal #1 was 2nd (only 4 points from 1st)
    Gar-Pal #2 was 3rd (only 2 points behind Gar-Pal #1)
    Gar-Pal #3 was 5th

    Top ten overall individuals-
    1st was Brooke Bankus
    4th was Ty West
    5th was Garrett Blomgen
    6th was Megan Olson
    10th was Dawson Dugger






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