Weekly Calendar

    Below is a calendar of our weekly activities, assignments and tests dates.

    Please be aware that the calendar may change as we move though the week as I adjust to student needs.  The calendar will be ambitious at times and often we will not get everything done each week.  I would much rather move slower and have the students "get it" then check off a box saying I covered all the information.  That said; they will still need to work hard.

    Parents, as your student works to master content material, there are some additional resources available as you see fit and may help with student success.

    Please see on-line tools are available for parents and students below the weekly calendar.

    Weekly Schedule:


      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
     October 14  October 15  October 16  October 17

     October 18

     6th Grade

     Physical Science

    1. Due Today - Lab/Questions: Investigating the Transfer of Energy

    2. Review Questions p. 72 - 79

    3. Homework - Due Tomorrow p. 82 - 84

     1. Turn in Homework. p. 82 - 84

    2. Discuss p. 82 - 84

    1. Homework Due Tomorrow  Questions 19-6 - 21 p. 85 - 88

    1. Turn in Homework Quesitons 16 - 21

    2. Assignment Informational Poster - Due on Tuesday

    1. Quiz: Lesson 1

    2. Work on Poster - Due on Tuesday

     7th Grade

     Life Science

    1. Introduce Levels of Organization in Organisms

    2. P 46 - 50 Due Tomorrow

    1. Get test back and review

    2. Turn in/Discuss p. 46 - 50

    1. Lab: Tissue Structure and Function - Due Tomorrow Questons 7 - 9 p. 52

    1. Turn in lab - Discuss

    2. Turn in Questions

    3. Work on pages 52 - 55.  Due Tomorrow

    1. Pages 52 - 55 Due

    2. Work on pages 56 - 58  Due on Monday

    3. Engineering Organs and Tissues Research - Due on Tuesday.

     8th Grade

     Earth Science

    1. Work on pages 55 - 58

    2. Work on Test Review Due Tomorrow

    1. Turn in Test Review

    2. Review for Test

    1. Test

    1. Complete Test if needed

    2. Homework Due Tomorrow.  Pages 78 -83

    1. Review Test

    2. Turn in Pages 78 - 83


    On-Line Resources:

    Please go to scilinks.org and register your student. There are additional graphics, sample/practice quizzes and tests etc. [Also on phschool.com w/web codes]. You will need to enter a variety of web codes depending on what you want to view or practice. Those web codes are located throughout each chapter of your child's textbook.

     Study stack is another great site to visit and review any subject matter we cover. Please use it throughout units and before quizzes and tests. http://www.studystack.com/science Select physical or earth science depending on your student's class and look for a title coinciding with our current unit. 

    Flashcards have long been an effective tool for learning and now that StudyBlue is FREE, students can easily create, share and study flashcards for any subject without a monthly subscription. StudyBlue Online flashcard has helped millions of students so far and I imagine that your students would find it greatly helpful too. They can search over 500+ million pieces of study materials, import their own notes and do much more for free!  You can learn more about us here: http://www.studyblue.com/  Give it a try.


    Science Binder: 

    Students are required to keep a science binder with all their science work kept in the binder.  The binder will be graded each quarter.  Students will be allowed to use the binder on the final at the end of the school year.