Degrees and Certifications:

Associate of Arts Degree BS Elementary Education Area of Concentration in Psychology CPR/First Aid Certified

Mrs. Tasha Gehring

Not long ago, I became a teacher. Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, then 3rd graders… I was a teacher of basketball to 7th and 8th grade girls, and later freshman through senior girls. I have been a teacher of high school boys basketball, “Little Dribblers” basketball, youth girls basketball, then boys, then to 5th grade and now back to middle school girls basketball! Give me a kid, and I will teach, inspire, motivate, connect with, and create a bond and influence that lasts a lifetime.

Teaching something I absolutely love, but what I love even more is the chance to build confidence in kids, celebrate their successes as students and little people, and be someone they can look up to. In my classroom, I make it my focus to work with kids, families, and support staff to build a foundation that shapes the whole child. I reach out to each individual, create a safe, loving environment, and provide engaging instruction and means of learning. I use humor and laughter to build trust and relationships, and kids are drawn to my playful, energetic, and happy nature.

Teaching and being with kids is a natural thing for me- the relationships I build, my patience with children, classroom management, the ability to make learning fun, be organized, communicate with parents, collaborate with staff, and make my classroom one big family are all a part of my style.

Over the years, I inspired learning and have been personally proud to see all my “kids” succeed. I have quality experience and have developed highly effective learning strategies, instructional methods and the ability to educate diverse learners all while fostering a fun, engaging, and loving learning environment. I am passionate about being innovative and current on best teaching practices, understanding how to motivate and build on children’s natural curiosity and ultimately helping all students grow and flourish. All kids can learn and be successful and I can give them a great start to the journey ahead!