• Garfield-Palouse Audio Visual Services 

    In A/V, students work as a team to create, produce, and distribute original artwork, posters, videos, books, and portraits. 


         As a year-long activity, students create an original yearbook from scratch, designing each page using original artwork and photos. In the 2016-2017 school year, we were able to increase the size of the yearbook by over 1/3 without increasing the price. For 2017-2018, we have even been able to lower the price from $45 to $30 so that more students will be able to purchase them. We plan to increase the size of the yearbook this school year.

    In-school poster printing

         With help from a generous grant from Schweitzer Engineering, Garpal was able to purchase a poster printer last year capable of printing up to 44 inches wide. As a result, the A/V class was able to take over print production of the Booster Club placards that are distributed to local businesses. Through this activity, students gained hands on photography and design experience, and our sports programs were able to save money on production costs while at the same time getting a higher quality product. Other teachers were able to print work created in the school, by students, saving money. We also made custom sports schedule posters that included pictures of players that we took at a custom photo shoot. If you have any questions or would like to order a custom poster, please contact for more information. 

    Video Production

         One of the most fun activities the students do in A/V classes and A/V club is video production. A very popular series of films created over the last two years was the Private Eye trilogy, which became a school favorite by the end of the final installment. In addition to student-created films, the A/V class also is in charge of filming and producing school activities such as the Veteran's Day assembly, concerts, and drama productions. The class was able to purchase a new DSLR camera in the 2017-2018 school year, increasing our ability not only to film at a professional level, but also produce professional portraits and other work. 

    Portrait Production

         Last year the A/V class began taking and printing pictures for Garfield-Palouse Athletic Club, including basketball, wrestling, and baseball/softball pictures. For the 2017-2018 school year, the A/V club will be taking on shooting and printing all school portraits for both the Garfield and Palouse Schools. We are confident that we will be able to provide not only a great business/vovational experience for our students, but very high quality prints for the students and families in our schools. We shoot, edit, process, print, and distribute every order in house from our Epson P600 photo printer. We print every photo on Epson Ultra Premium Luster photo paper- some of the best photo paper there is. We're confident that few businesses in the region could match our level of production, or our prices. We include digital copies with every package ordered, and are willing to do picture retakes and work with customers in whatever ways we can. 

    What's new for 2017-2018

         Garpal A/V will take all school portraits for Garfield and Palouse Schools.

         The A/V class has upgraded computer memory on several computers and has purchased brand new computers for faster and better production.

         Mr. Gehring has moved into Mr. Stewart's old room, and converted the adjacent room into a video production lab.

         The yearbook prices have been cut by 25% to $30. Order now!


Last Modified on August 24, 2017