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    Mike Patrick

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    Welcome to Middle School Science.  In middle school science we will focus on the following topic areas;

                6th Grade - Physical Science

                7th and 8th Grade -

                                   Odd years - Earth Science

                                   Even Years - Life Science


    In addition to the above topic areas, we will have a focus on the scientific process, Next Generation Science Standards and prepare the students to be successful in high school science and in meeting graduation requirements.  One of our large events for the year will be a spring science fair.  My hope is to make it into a competition with judges and prizes as our students apply material learned as they create, conduct and report on their own scientific experiment.  Expect to receive information regarding the science fair after the first of the year.


    You will find on the additional webpages the following:

        Weekly class schedule that includes assignment due dates and test dates

        Class rules and expectations

        Science Fair Information as it becomes available


    We all have our own junior high memories and for many this stage of life can be difficult as students grow.  While the focus is academics, middle school is much more than that.  I have a passion for helping my students learn how to treat each other "kindly" along with challenging them to be the best "them" they can be.  It will be a good year.


    Meet Mr. Patrick

    Family Picture                                                                                 Grand Daughter 1                   


    Let me first say that I am excited to be working at teaching at Gar-Pal Middle School.  I cannot imagine a better community or group of students to work with and hope I can positively impact them as they move on from here.

    My wife and I live in Garfield and have two grown kids and two grandchildren that live out of the area.  My wife and I enjoy the outdoors and can be often be found camping, kayaking, and biking.  I enjoy fly fishing and hunting and to be honest, start looking forward to the next hunting season as soon as the current one ends.  I am an avid Seahawk and Mariner fan and most definitely a Coug!  Most Sunday mornings will be spent at PFC in Palouse and then as a family day whenever possible.

    I have been teaching for 24 years both at the high school and middle school level.  One of my goals is to be positive and make the atmoshphere here and in my classroom positive and supportive.  You can expect me to have the same high expectations for your students as I do for myself and I will treat your child the same as I treated mine.  They will have high expectations, and  will be treated with care and compassion.  Excuses will get a limited ear and reasons discussed.   I look to find ways for every student to be successful with hardwork and persistence.  

    Why do I teach?  I left teaching after 3 years to work on my wife's family’s dairy farm and after 8 years returned to teaching.  That time was valuable as I grew and realized I had a passion to work with students.   Simply stated, I returned to the classroom with a strong desire to positively impact my students in hopes of creating a brighter future for each of them.  That passion remains and I relish the opportunity to impact my students as we work through the school year.

    Parents, as we partner together and assist our students, I may be reached at mpatrick@garpal.net or here at school at 509-635-1331.

    Mike Patrick