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    Calvin Johnson, Palouse Superintendent
    You can reach me by email at: cjohnson@garpal.net or you can leave a message at my school: Palouse School District - 509-878-1921 or 406-781-0738 cell.


    OUR MISSION is to provide educational programs of the highest quality for all students in order to prepare them for their future.


    We received a $43,000 American Disabilities Act Grant from the state to upgrade our playground surface to meet ADA requirements. Our maintenance staff built a walking path up to the playground this summer and now we are starting the playground surface replacement with removal of the current pea gravel starting Monday, October 29.  Delivery of the EWF (Engineered Wood Fiber) will start November 5 and last through the week. Delivery may take place at night, so if you see a semi-truck on the playground after dark don’t be surprised. The playground will be closed for 2 weeks starting Monday, October 29, and we expect to reopen it for school on Tuesday, November 13.

    We plan to continue the replacement of the remaining 4 entry doors and the installation of keypad access just like our front main entry after the first of the year. Not only are these doors more functional and aesthetically appealing, they are an added measure of security with increased control of access.

    We also have the replacement of the remaining single pain windows in the elementary with new e-rated double pane glass planned for next spring. This should complete the upgrade of the older windows in the facility.  

    The Board will be reviewing additional capital improvements and projects throughout the year as we make preparations for next summer. Our goal is to provide students with a quality educational experience in a properly functioning facility. We again need to thank the local taxpayers for their support of the Capital Projects Levy last spring (and 3 years ago) which allows us the option to keep our facility maintained and improvements going on! Thank you!

    Please feel free to stop by for a visit or to contact me for further information! 

    Have a great day!

    Calvin L. Johnson, Superintendent