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    Calvin Johnson, Palouse Superintendent
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     October 27, 2017

    OUR MISSION is to provide educational programs of the highest quality for all students in order to prepare them for their future.

    Picking Up Students During the School Day

    CHANGE/UPDATE:  If you need to pick up your student during the school day, we ask that you come into the office to make that request in person instead of calling ahead. At the time that you come into the office, we will call them out of class and have you sign them out. Please do not call ahead of time to ask us to have the student in the office; as we often have students spending a lot of time waiting. This will streamline the process and disrupt our classes much less.   


    Cement was poured on the 6th and 12th of October, with construction scheduled to start shortly by KACI Construction of Pullman. It has been a long process but we have saved substantially by doing much of the work ourselves. We owe a special thank you to Mike Hicks for helping us pour the slab.

    Facility Projects

    The plan for this year is to finish all current and previously started projects. Further project needs have not yet been established, but we are researching options for some needed playground alterations.

    Graduation Photos

    Per the Board work session discussion on October 11th, we will start hanging the original graduation pictures up in the library. We will be starting with the oldest photos first, and depending on how many it will accommodate, move forward from there. Thank you to all that gave their input on this endeavor.

     Website Communications

    We are continually increasing our utilization of the school website for communicating and performing routine items such as registration, fees payment, newsletters, grades report cards, etc.  We appreciate your cooperation as this saves the District valuable dollars and numerous hours of time. Thank you!

    Please feel free to stop by for a visit at any time!  

    Have a great day!

    Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.