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    Calvin Johnson, Palouse Superintendent
    You can reach me by email at: cjohnson@garpal.net or you can leave a message at my school: Palouse School District - 509-878-1921 or 406-781-0738 cell.


    OUR MISSION is to provide educational programs of the highest quality for all students in order to prepare them for their future.


    We are working on some smaller summer projects, but our major emphasis will be in trying to make our playground more ADA accessible. If funding and time allows we would like to address some safety concerns such as a new phone system, continuing with our coded access door upgrade and upgrading the fire alarm notification system. Now that the weather is finally nice, greenhouse progress is taking place and should be finished shortly.



    As you are aware, we invested a significant amount of your tax dollars making improvements to the gym last summer and it looks great!  Up until last summer the floor was dark from years of wax buildup and the thick wax protected the floor so we did not have to be very careful.   But now that we basically have a new floor, we need to be extremely careful because it does not have years of wax for protection. 


    We are not necessarily being careless, but damage can occur from small things as scratches, dents, rocks in shoes, a stuck roller and even just walking across the gym floor.  In order to protect our investment and maintain a great looking facility we must avoid the pitfalls that can cause lasting damage. There are several things we need to implement, but will start by no longer walking across the floor.  We will also be visiting with gym use patrons (new or established/school or non-school people) when requesting gym use time so that we can point out needed precautions and provide additional information.  Thank you for your care!


    Have a great day!

    Calvin L. Johnson, Superintendent, Palouse School