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    Calvin Johnson, Palouse Superintendent
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     October 15th, 2019 UPDATE

    Fall (maybe winter) has arrived and the Palouse School District is running at full speed to meet the needs of our students.


    At the October Board meeting (10-24-19) the Palouse School trustees will be discussing school levies and what they should present to the voters in the upcoming February 2020 election.  There are 2 levies which voters approved last time that will be discussed as trustees consider what local support to ask from voters this time around.  The October meeting will be held in the Palouse School library and as always you are welcome to attend. The levy amounts will not be established until the November meeting (11-21-19) so there is ample time for you to visit with trustees and provide your thoughts!    


    There are 4 Board trustees positions listed on the November ballot and we would remind you to please vote!


    We have tried to keep the WEB updated with photos of facility improvements, but we would encourage you to drive by the school and view the new main front entry. It not only adds protection from the elements, but provides an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming dimension to our main school entrance.  These facility improvements are made possible largely by the local dollars you approved in the form of the Capital Projects levy 2 years ago.  This is one of the 2 levies your Palouse Trustees will be discussing at the October 24th meeting!

    Please feel free to stop by for a visit or to contact me for further information! 

    Have a great day!

    Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.

    Palouse School District