• Matt Zook- Instrumental and Vocal Music
    MZ welcome
    I am available to help however I can during this time- please feel free to reach out.
    On the side bar are links and info for parents and students by grade level for my classes.
    High School Band and Choir are REQUIRED courses for the rest of the year. Please see the side bar and google classroom for assignments.
    Schedule an apointment, lesson or just say "hi"- my office hours are:
    Tuesdays 8am-10am
    Thursdays 8am-11am
    *if another time is better please contact me, chances are I'm available*
    You can reach me by email at:
    or you can leave a message at my schools:
    Garfield School District
    Palouse School District
    Mr. Taylor's concert- WSU  Symhonic band party
    Drumz  HS clarinets