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  • Parents and students, please be sure to check google classroom for updates. 

    Google Classroom

    Link to Google Classroom, for parent access, please contact me. 


  • New Assignments

    Posted by Paul Currier on 5/11/2020

    New Assignments are posted on this site as of Monday. These same assignments were posted last Friday on the google classroom site. I will be sending out emails to parents/guardians and students with missing or incomplete assignments from last week. They will not be marked late, but as with the new guidelines presented last week, "For students to receive a Pass, they must have a 70% or better in the class." 

    Also, I have a fair amount of students who have started assignments but not finished the assignments. These are being marked as incomplete with no grade. These students will also be included on the missing assignments email.

    I'm currently grading assignments on Mondays as this is when I receive the physical packets from students working offline. The due date of Friday will, in the future, be pushed forward to Sunday to allow for parents/guardians to help on the weekends. 


    Thank you all for your hard work, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact me. 


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  • Google Classroom

    Posted by Paul Currier on 5/4/2020

    Assignments have been updated on google classroom to allow students to type and turn in on the assignment to help alleviate confusion. If you and your student are using online assignments, please try and complete the assignments on google classroom. 


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  • Answering some questions

    Posted by Paul Currier on 5/1/2020

    Hi, All!

    I know this time is frustrating, and we are all struggling to get what we need to be done. Hopefully, this will answer some questions. 




    1. All assignments are posted on Monday and due that Friday. I will post them on the classroom site and on this site. 

    2. I will make an assignment turn-in folder on the classroom site to help keep us organized. I'm receiving emails with untitled documents or semi-completed documents and I'm not sure what assignments these are or if they are even meant to be turned in. 
    1. If you can't get it turned in by Friday, email me and let me know. Student's grades will not be affected by late work, but I will send a reminder out if work is not turned in. 


    Answering Assignments

    Hopefully, next week will be easier with the changes I've made to the assignments. But if you can't answer questions, please have students use a separate document to answer questions. I am having issues with documents being changed when they are opened and making it difficult or impossible for students to answer. This will be fixed with the next round of assignments. 

    To create a new answer sheet. 

    1. Open a new google doc.


    1. Type the answers to the questions on the google doc.  


    1. Turn it in by Friday (see above) into the Assignment turn-in folder.


    Group Projects

    We will not have group projects. If the instructions say talk to a partner, this is a mistake. I'm modifying assignments in order to make them workable at home. 


    Entry Tasks

    Some people are getting overwhelmed by entry tasks. It's filling up the feed and people can't see the work. I will probably post 1 before zoom meetings in the future. While I personally like the daily questions as a check-in to see if students are having any issues, it is causing more harm than good. 



    All of this information has been posted on my classroom site for students to read as well. This information has been posted before but missed by some students in the classroom. 

    Parents and guardians who do not have access to the classroom, please let me know asap. 

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  • New Week

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/27/2020

    New Assignments have been posted for this week. I understand that everyone's situation is different and may not have the same access to technology as others. Please try to complete the assignments to the best of your ability. 

    Parents - Please contact me if you are having any issues or need any additional help with assignments. 

    As posted last week, we have a zoom schedule for this week. They are not mandatory classes, but simply a time for students to discuss and ask questions in a group setting. Again, they are not mandatory and will not affect future grades.

    • 6th
      • Tuesday: 1230 - 100
    • 8th
      • Tuesday: 100 - 130
    • 7th
      • Tuesday: 130 - 200 


    Assignments are posted on Monday and due on Fridays. If you cannot turn it in on Friday please contact me and let me know. I am working to keep a chart of classroom participation for records. I understand that circumstances may not allow for a Friday turn in, but please keep me in the loop. 

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  • Trouble Shooting and future operations

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/22/2020

    Thank you all for your patience over the last few days as we all try to figure this out together. I know how stressful this all can be, and how crazy everything must feel.

    Just some pointers on how stuff might need to be done until we all get on the same page.

    Try to open PDF's in dochub. Do not open them in word or google docs, it will change the layout and cause word and pictures to be out of order or overlapping. PDF's are still recommended for printing, but I will try to get the google doc version on Classroom.

    If you are using a Chromebook from school, or can't install programs, Zoom works on the webpage, you just have to make sure to hit cancel on the popup box and let the webpage do its thing. Zoom meetings will not introduce new information but will be used to provide additional support. My Zoom hours are below and subject to change.

    Make sure you are turning in assignments to the classroom page if you can. Assignments will be posted on Monday and due Friday. I'll let you know what is required and what is supplementary.

    Grades are based on pass-fail, requiring 70% or above.

    Zoom Times
    Every Tuesday

    • 6th Grade: 1230 - 100
    • 8th Grade: 100 - 130
    • 7th Grade: 130 - 200

    My office hours are Tuesday and Thursday : 200-400. This time can be used to ask additional questions not addressed in the class zoom meetings.

    My general zoom rules will be as follows

    • No one on one, if you need to contact me, Zoom with your guardians or just email
    • Students will be booted if you are off task, obscene, rude, or causing issues.
    • I won't open the meeting until we have a minimum of 3 students in the lobby.
    • Student's not using their own name will not be approved into the meeting.
    • Meetings will start with students muted.
    • Only current students by class and guardians will be allowed to participate.
    • If you are having audio issues, it is recommended to turn off the video.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

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  • Zoom

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/20/2020

    8th grade students are guardians. 

    We have a zoom meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 1 to discuss how the class is going to run for the rest of the semester. Information is on the 8th grade google classroom pages. Non 8th grade students/guardians will not be allowed to participate. 

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  • New Assignments

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/20/2020

    Hi, all!


    New assignments have been posted on both this website and my website. 

    I'm currently working on setting up a zoom meeting for 8th graders to help establish how we are going to finish up Washington State History for this quarter. Parents are welcome on the call to help ask and answer any questions that may come up. Please stay tuned for updated time and information. I plan on rolling out zoom meetings by grade to see how this will work. 

    PDF versions of textbooks are available on both this and my classroom site. 

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  • Information out of order

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/15/2020

    As we get back on track for the remainder of the school year, we are going to be reviewing some information that you have learned independently over the past few weeks. Due to the nature of the packets and information released in a multi week chunk, I wasn't able to include all the information I wanted. We will be going back and review some information that will fill the gap between previously released lessons. If the timeline seems a bit off in the future, this is why. 

    If you have any questions about where assignments should be placed chronologically, please let me know. 

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  • Entry Tasks

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/15/2020

    I've started posting some entry tasks on the classroom site. Once our workload becomes more standard, I will start transitioning to having them address work that has been assigned. As for now, I'm mainly gauging student interest and activity. We are working to insure that all students have access to work. 



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  • Schedule and Work

    Posted by Paul Currier on 4/14/2020

    The new assignments have been posted to both this page and the classroom site. New supplementary materials will be added throughout the week and small participation assignments well be available on the classroom site for students throughout the week.

    An email was sent out with available hour for all teachers. Once things are more established, zoom hours will be posted for parents and students. 

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