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    Garrett Parrish
    2021-2022, it is time to start another school year! I think we were all hoping this year would be back to business as usual, but it doesn't look as if we will start that way. However, it does seem as if this school year will be a lot closer to normal compared to last year when it comes to school activities, sports, etc. On the P.E. side of things masks will not be required when we are outside, that should help when the weather is warmer at the start of the year. On the elementary side I look forward to getting back to cooperation activities and be able to work together a little more than we did last year. On the high school side it will be great to get back in the weight room and start becoming the best person we can be. Aside from P.E. I will also be teaching a Leadership through Sport class. Right now the aim to is focus on leadership skills as well as exploring careers in the the athletic world. There is also hope to bring in a few guest speakers that can bring the subjuct from theory to reality for our students. I am looking forward to another great year here at Gar-Pal! 
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