• 8/4/20
    Palouse Paving project is being completed this week!
    pouring asphalt behind elementary

    Here are some photos of the paving project going on at the Palouse school by Poe Asphalt. With the school closing several weeks back, we were able to get an early start, but progress has been hampered by all the rain the Palouse area has been receiving.  Although it is hot this week, they were only able to complete part of the paving and will need to wait for additional drying to take place before finishing the remaining areas.  Also pictured, is Avista changing out an older pole across from the school. To see previous Palouse facility projects click here
    South Parking lot
    Construction South Parking Lot
    View Of south Parking lot Asphalted
    Elementry Parking Lot
    Pouring Asphalt in elementary parking lot
    Elementary Parking lot complete
    Another view of elementary parking lot complete
    With school not in session, we were able to get an early start on our major summer facility project of repaving several parking lots and walk areas around the school. Poe Asphalt received the bid and last Friday tore into the project by removing most of the old surfaces in just a couple of days. If you drive (or walk) by the school you will see the work that is taking place. Of course with the rain we are receiving the project will be slowed down substantially. This is a Facility Project that can be realized because of the local support taxpayers provide with approving the Capital Projects levy! Thank you for your continued support Palouse!

    Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.





    Over the past few years (2015 to 2018) the following improvements have been made to the Palouse School buildings and grounds. Many of these projects were possible due to the community approving a Capital Project Levy. The Board is committed to providing our students with a functional and aesthetically pleasing facility conducive to a quality educational experience. We invite you to stop in and see the new look.

    Resurfaced the old wallpaper and painted the hall walls
    Repainted several rooms
    New carpet in library, offices, hallways, and some classrooms
    Remodeled the main office
    Some exterior facelift
    Upgraded entrance doors/frames
    Upgraded locker rooms - painted rooms and lockers, installed new plumbing, removed extra lockers, and ordered new partitions
    Upgraded restrooms - painted, changed lighting, replaced sinks, added auto-flushes and new faucets, and new partitions
    New windows in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms
    Facelift of the lower gym - new ceiling insulation which also improved acoustics, new floor, painted baseboard of bleachers and ceiling beams, and new wall painting of Lady Vikings.
    Recoated upper gym floor with sealant
    Sound improvements, carpet, and put graduation photos on walls in cafeteria
    New weight room in the old shop building with paved outside walkway
    Parking lot repair
    Replaced ceiling tile in the offices and HS and ramp hallways 
    Upgraded lights to LED in both buildings
    Technology upgrades - rewired the building with CAT 6 cable and upgraded the website
    Energy conservation efforts - automated lights in several rooms, repaired and replaced thermostats and heating/cooling units
    30' x 40' greenhouse construction started; on hold until clear of winter weather
    Palouse Office                                                                            
    Palouse Office    
    Palouse Gym Floor Refinished
     Palouse Gym Floor
    Palouse Cafeteria
    Palouse Cafeteria
    Palouse Library
    Palouse Library
    Palouse Hall by Library
    Palouse Hall by Library