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    “Play is the highest form of research.”
    ― Albert Einstein
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    ChildFind for incoming new preschool students has been postponed until August in order to accomodate current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. New preschool students can register the week before the Elementary school start date currently set as August 26th, 2020. Packets for new students are available in the front office. When you pick up a new student packet please sign up for a time to have your child screened. Screening takes approximately 45 minutes and will be done one family at a time. If you have questions or concerns please email me or call the school.
    Schools in Washington have been officially closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, but that doesn't mean you need to stop learning. Education packets will be delivered on Mondays to either your mailbox or porch for the remainder of the preschool calendar year. Packets will contain math, reading, writing, science, and art activities in a hard copy form to make sure that all students have access to learning materials on a weekly basis. Look for my big white truck on Monday mornings, or a very big yellow school bus! :)
    Making these packets has presented its own learning curve for me as I try to put together fun activities and materials that build on themes, just like the theme investigations we had been doing in the classroom. If there are materials you would like that haven't been included please let me know, and I will do what I can to provide them. 
    My school webpage has been updated to include an April activities calendar. This calendar is only a guide for sequencing activities; please schedule your activities in a way that most benefits you and your child.
    K. Sequoia Ladd
    Palouse Preschool Teacher
    You can reach me Monday through Thursday via email at
    or you can leave a message at the school
    Palouse School District #301
    “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”
    ― Albert Einstein