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    “Play is the highest form of research.”
    ― Albert Einstein
    Busy bee
    Our preschool classroom was heavily damaged by prolonged hot water flooding over a weekend, so preschool is currently doing distance learning.
    Right now the situation is fluid (pun intended), with the intent to return to in-person learning as soon as possible.
    Distance learning packets are being delivered every Monday morning, library services are being provided by the downtown Palouse library, and weekly 1:1 learning sessions are being offered at the school. We are also offering preschool breakfast and lunch for the four days that we are normally in class. The food is delivered weekly on Monday mornings; if you would like this service please contact me or the school office. If you would prefer a 1:1 learning session via video conference please let me know.  I am available daily for support via phone and email, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Palouse is an incredible community with a great school system. We are dedicated to having students in the classroom learning and socializing with as close to a "normal" school year as possible. As soon as space becomes available, the plan is to return to in-person learning.
    It is an honor to teach your precious child and I am looking forward to seeing all of my students in the classroom again.
    K. Sequoia Ladd
    Palouse Preschool Teacher
    You can reach me Monday through Thursday via email at
    or you can leave a message at the school
    Palouse School District #301