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    R. Noel Akin

    English 101(EWU)/Spanish/KnowledgeBowl/English 9-11

    Contact: nakin@garpal.net


    Latest Update, April 9th-June 19: Students/Parent/Guardian: You will receive a letter from the school district that revises how we will conduct learning for the remainder of this school year.  High school students will be required to earn credit--NOT optional for most classes.  The letter will explain specific requirements.  For continued learning opportunities, please visit Google Classroom for Spanish, English Composition and Senior English.  New assignments will be posted by 7am on Mondays, and due by the following Friday.  If you need access codes for Google Classroom (GC), please email me at nakin@garpal.net.  For all English classes, we will use the regular Google classroom that we began the semester with, NOT the "enrichment" classroom.  Spanish I and II may continue to use the "enrichment" site, but assignments must be completed.  Feel free to email (nakin@garpal.net) with any other questions as well.  Feel free to call me at home if you prefer (878-1731).  And to all my students--stay healthy, get exercise and read every day, and wash your hands.  Please check in often to GC. I'll see you soon!

    Note:  Paper/printed versions of all assignments will be provided upon request.




    English 101, 201 through Eastern Washington University, Spanish I, II, English 9 and 10: Composition.  I now employ Google Classroom, so parents and students can view assignments, rubrics/directions and due dates online, any time.  Students submit their work digitally, and I will assess their work on a continual basis.  Whenever your student misses school, they can simply log in to their Google class to see any updates, or to continue working on an assignment.  Please check Skyward, accessed on the main GarPal website, for your student's current grade.


    Students who are serious about attending a college or university will read for 90 minutes a day, independent of assigned classroom reading.


    College Bound Reading......











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