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    Instructor: John Gehring
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    Palouse School District
    2020-2021 Courses: 
    Semester 1:  
                      Period 1 and 2: U.S. History II; Sophomores
                      Period 3 and 4: U.S. Government/POLI 100 (through Eastern Washington); Seniors
                      Period 5 and 6: A/V
    Semester 2:
                      Period 1 and 2: Current World Issues/International Studies 200 (through Eastern Washington); Juniors Course Syllabus
                      Period 3 and 4: U.S. History I; Freshmen
                      Period 7 and 8: A/V
    Students and parents- keep updated on progress by regularly checking Skyward and Google Classroom. If you have any other questions, please send me an email or call the school. 
    UPDATE August 2020: All courses will be starting online on September 2nd. A/V students will be using equipment from the school on a rotational basis (laptops and cameras). This will allow more students to participate in A/V and use the Adobe suite for editing from home. Cameras and computers are on order but may not be in when we start September 2nd. Obviously, this year has been a moving target, but we will make it work for everyone.
    Go Vikings!
    State 2020