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        Welcome to Middle School math.  I am starting my 21st year in the Garfield district.  I am really excited to have the kids back in the building, and for us to almost be back to "normal" (pre covid).
        A little about me forthose who may not know, or maybe have forgotten:
        I am married (just celebrated 23 years) and we have two kids.  Our son, Payton, will be starting his fourth year of college.  He just finished his baseball playing career - he played the last three years at CBC in the        tri-cities.  Our daughter, Kinsey, is started her second year at WSU.  We have a dog (thanks Stevie) whose name is Gabi.
        My homework policy is:
         1)  If the student(s) are struggling with the assignment and do not understand it, they need to stop when they have answered all questioons they are capable of and come in the next time we meet and ask me for              help.  They are welcome to ask for help at home, but I do teach the material and have used it more recently than most other people. 
         2)  They should spend no more than thirty minutes at home on homework from my class.  If they are, they need to come to me and ask for more time in class to work on it.
       Materials needed for class:
        1) Notebook to take notes in - they will be able to use their notes on tests over the units/chapters we cover in class
        2) Paper for assignments - should be seperate from notes notebook (unless they get a thicker spiral notebook)
        3) Pencils & Pens - pencils for graded work, pens for notes (if they prefer)
      Calculators: I have enough calculators for them to borrow during class.  
         7th & 8th Graders may use calculators.  
         6th Graders - may use them occasionally when I think they need them. 
      If you have any questions, You can reach me by email at: dkallaher@garpal.net,  or you can leave a message at the school: Garfield School District  509-635-1331   
       Dan Kallaher
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