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District Budget Update

With the constant news of school finances, negotiations with employees and teacher strike talks around Washington State people have been asking where we are here in Palouse, so I will provide an update.

CONSEQUENCES of the new Washington School Funding Law for Palouse

Local Levy Support:

2018-19      $510,000

2019-20      $199,000

2020-21      $199,000

2021-22      To Be Determined ???

As you can see, the new law seriously reduces the amount of our local levy support by about $300,000 after this year. Fortunately, the state has adjusted funding and will be providing additional dollars under the new formula. But, as you can see in the chart below, not nearly enough to replace what was taken away. As we work through this challenge, the most important number is the bottom line and what we will be receiving after the levy reduction and state increase.

Under the new school funding law, school districts were required to develop a 4-year budget and provide it to the state. The chart below shows our estimated income and our estimated expenses over the next 4 years. Please note that our yearly cost/ex-penditure estimates (line 1) are more than our yearly income estimates (line 2) each of the next 4 years. Also, please note that our 2019-20 funding projection is slightly less than our current 2018-19 funding.

               17-18                  18-19           19-20               20-21               21-22                                                  

  1. 3,251,106         3,312,177      3,444,664         3,582,450         3,725,749     Projected expenditures 
  2. 3,167,490         3,227,341      3,213,535         3,330,601         3,452,138     Projected funding

Our goal is to provide our students with a quality educational experience in a properly functioning facility conducive to such an experience. In addition, we strive to provide our employees with competitive pay within the limitations of our budget. Protecting the fiduciary security of the Palouse School District is important so we constantly evaluate how and what services we provide. Although some adjustments may be necessary as we travel this path (always seems to be the case), we are confident that we can implement the adjustments necessary to maintain a quality education and the fiduciary security of the district.

Negotiations Update:

We have 2 unions in our co-op, the GPCA (Garfield Palouse Classified Association) representing our hourly employees and the GPEA (Garfield Palouse Education Association) representing teachers. Both of these associations are part of the larger state union WEA (Washington Education Association). Participation in either of these associations is optional and not all belong, but all are bound by the agreements of each group.

Hourly Employees (Classified - GPCA)

We have a tentative agreement with the GPCA for about a 7% raise on the base pay scale, along with some adjustments to the schedule

Teachers (Certified-GPEA)

We are still working with the GPEA on a pay increase and hope to arrive at a result in the near future.  As of now we are in the 9.5% range on average for teacher raises.

Please feel free to stop by for a visit or to contact me for further information! Have a great day!

Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.,, 509-878-1921