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Ed Griner - 10 year Palouse Board Member


Ed Griner received a certificate from WSSDA for 10 years of service as a School Board Member for Palouse Schools, the last few years as Board Chair! We would like to thank him for his years of dedicated service and the contribution he has made in helping to move our school forward. Thank you Ed!

Ironically, at the same time we are congratulating Ed for 10 years of service he has found it necessary to accept work out of the area (Alaska) and will no longer be able to serve on the Board, so has resigned his position. Along this same line, Angie Griner has resigned her position as Transportation Director, a position she has also held for 10 years. Although no longer the Director, for now Angie will be helping us out by driving bus as she (they) see what direction the future holds for them.

Thank you Ed and Angie Griner for your efforts, support and leadership of Palouse Schools over the last 10 years! Good Luck to both of you!