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School Funding Assistance Needed


Funding for several aspects of our budget, funding for special programs and grant eligibility is largely based on our Free & Reduced (F& R) school lunch percentage.  This number is very important for Palouse School funding and we need to make sure that we are not losing funding because we are missing some that might be eligible.

The National School Lunch/Breakfast program provides meal assistance for eligible students by reimbursing the school. This reimbursement not only helps the students, but helps the school financially.

Filling out this form does not mean you have to participate in the lunch program (totally your option) but it would help our school funding if you are eligible. For the financial sake of the school, please review the following information and if there is a chance you might be eligible please fill out the form and submit to the school. This information  is kept highly confidential and is only reviewed by one person (Stevie Pfaff)  in order to determine eligibility and report our so important F & R percentages. 

More information about this program can be found in the article titled "Free and Reduced Lunch Program" by clicking here.

Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.

Palouse Schools