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Salad Bar Coming to Palouse School Lunch


Starting Monday Sept.23rd , we will be offering a salad bar at lunch time.  We have been working on this concept for a couple of years and are excited to bring our students this expanded opportunity.  In addition to offering a salad bar we have contracted with ESD101 to provide a nutritionist that is working with us to implement Scratch Cooking (real food, not packaged) meals that also meet USDA guidelines.  The cooked meals will gradually be implemented into the menu throughout the year.


Our goal is to provide a better lunch and more choices in an attempt to increase participation numbers in the lunch/breakfast program.  Our lunch/breakfast program operates seriously in the red each year (@ 50,000.) and to counter this we need a much higher participation level.  Expanding our cooking efforts, offering larger portions and offering a salad bar will increase our cost, but we are hoping for increased participation to help offset this cost.

If we are going to be successful with an improved lunch program we need your support and for your students to eat school lunch/breakfast as much as possible.  Please be patient as we develop and implement this new direction in the Palouse School lunch program.



 1)  Normal hot meal - A - A student can also buy an extra entrée if desired!

                                    B - A small portion salad bar is included free!


  2)  Salad Bar meal  –   A large paper boat will be provided for this meal! The bar will contain meat, cheese, beets etc. choices in addition to salad/veggie items. This will be a learning process as we discover which items students will eat.


In addition to increased participation numbers, the more students eligible for the F & R (Free/Reduced) USDA program the more food cost reimbursement the district receives.  Please refer to our previous Web notice on the USDA Free & Reduced program and help us out by applying.

Let’s make this endeavor a success!

Thank you for your support!

Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.

Palouse School