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Help Palouse School Funding - Census 2020


Below is an excerpt from state superintendent Chris Reykdal on the extreme importance of getting counted during the 2020 census.

“The 2020 Census is just around the corner, and an accurate count impacts the funding we receive from the state and federal governments. I’m writing to ask you to participate in outreach to your communities as part of the Census.

The Census has a crucial impact on our communities. By law, Census statistics are used to allocate $16 billion in program funding to Washingtonians. That’s over $2,100 per person, per year. If a person doesn’t get counted, the community loses $21,000 over the next decade. If 100 people are missed, the community loses $2.1 million!

As you are aware, the Child Count information and poverty data collected through the Census are used to determine state and district federal program allocations. In some cases, your districts have not received the amount you’re entitled to because Census information did not accurately reflect these two data elements.

Accurate Census counts impact many areas of funding within our state, including:

  • Informing funding for K–12 school programs, including Title I, special education, school meals, career and technical education, and many more.
  • Impacting planning for new schools, job training centers, roads, transportation, social services, block grants, and other grant programs essential to many communities.
  • Guiding a diverse range of local initiatives, from justifying the need for an afterschool program to designating urban revitalization areas.
  • Determining how many representatives our state gets – as well as Congressional, state, county, and school district boundaries. Washington could gain or lose a representative based on Census counts.

We know some members of our communities, particularly students and families who have immigrated here, may be hesitant to take part in the Census. We have resources available that outline the privacy protections and laws surrounding the Census – please use these when developing outreach targeted toward our immigrant families.”

Please make sure you get counted during the 2020 census in order to help fund the Palouse School District for the next decade. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you!

Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.

Palouse School Dist. # 301

Sch 509-878-1921

Cell 406-781-0738