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Palouse Superintendent Newsletter for December 2019


December 10th, 2019 UPDATE


At the November Board meeting (11-21-19) the Palouse School trustees voted to leave the 21&22 Capital Levy amount the same as it is currently ($300,000.)  and the General Fund Levy they set at $ 420,000. (270,000. currently).  These two year levies will be on the Feb. 11th, 2020 ballot and if approved start spring 2021 and will last through fall 2022. 

The chart below provides some additional information.


General Fund     Rate                    $$ Voted                      Annual Patron Cost per 100,000

2019                  1.50                 270,000.      currently                  150.      

2020                  1.50                 270,000.      currently                  150.    

2021                  2.50                 420,574.      on ballot                   250.                

2022                  2.50                 441,603.       on ballot                   250.      

Capital Projects

2019                  2.22                 300,000.      currently                    220.   

2020                  2.15                 300,000.      currently                    215.     

2021                  1.96                 300,000.       on ballot                    196. 

2022                  1.96                 300,000.       on ballot                    196.                    

NOTE:  Numbers are estimated and dependent on undetermined variables such as county assessment. 


School Board Directors/Trustees

Lindsay Brown, Jessica Smith, Andra Edwards & Rachel Handley-Chartrand were elected to serve on the Palouse board and join Joe Merrill to make our 5 directors.

Paula Adams, Ryan Pfaff & John Orfe were elected to serve on the Garfield board, joining Andy Olson and Crystal Lawson as the 5 directors.

We would like to thank our outgoing trustees Brenda Brown , Chris Cook and Keith Rawls for their many years of service to the GARPAL School system.

Joint Board Training & Coop Strategic Planning

On Dec. 14th Dr. Michael Dunn from ESD101 will be providing training for our school directors, visiting with the Boards and facilitating the start of a review of coop practices, procedures and future needs/direction.  This involves both boards and will be held in the Palouse School Library starting at 9:00 am!


Palouse School has been awarded a $50,000. grant for a study/audit of the school facilities in preparation for a 5 million facility upgrade grant we are applying for.  If received, the OSPI Rural Modernization Grant would provide upgrades/replacement of the school roof system, HVAC systems (heating/cooling) and upgrade the electrical system. These grants are written to cover 100% of the cost! 

Our summer 2020 projects utilizing our Capital Projects funding (thank you tax payers) are still under consideration by the board, but repaving several areas may be the major summer project with cost projections of 65,000 – 110,000. depending on the scope of the work. The more we do at one time, the more cost efficient it will be so we are trying to develop a plan that will correct issues and last several years into the future as opposed to piece milling several small projects at an increased cost.

Smaller projects being considered for summer 2020:

  1. Adding a restroom and water fountain to our weight room facility with cost estimates of @ 15,000.
  2. Replacing the sidewalk between the K-3 entrance and the upper gym. The current side walk is in need of repair, too steep, too slanted and does not go directly to the upper building. Cost estimates of @ 15,000.   Down the road there is a possibility of enclosing this side walk (breezeway) for safety reasons – both weather related and building access.

Negotiations Update:

Negotiators for the Garfield-Palouse Joint Boards and the GPEA (GarPal Education Association) met November 19, 2019 and it was decided to initiate the mediation process. The paperwork was filed with the state PERC requesting mediation and January 24th & 25th  has been established as the next meeting date.  Additional negotiations information can be found on the main page of the GARPAL Web Site.


Please feel free to stop by for a visit or to contact me for further information! 

Have a great day!

Calvin L. Johnson, Supt.

Palouse School District