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Garfield - Palouse Reopening Plans

Online Schedules for Middle School and High School

GPHS Schedule

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August 27, 2020

Letters discussing in person start for Garfield and Palouse Elementary Schools.  Change to September 8, in person start for elementary (K-5) students

Palouse Schools 

Garfield Schools



August 21, 2020


Letters home outlining upcoming dates and information are being sent home today via blackboard, and being mailed to new students.  To download a copy of these letters, please use the links below.

Palouse Schools Beginning Year Letter

Garfield Schools Beginning Year Letter



August 17, 2020

The Garfield-Palouse reopening plans are guiding documents that are subject to change as new information becomes available.  This document addresss reopening online as well as in person schooling.  Although we are starting the year online, we hope to be in school as soon as it is deemed safe by local/state health authorities.

Palouse Schools Reopening Plan (8/17/2020)

Garfield Schools Reopening Plan (8/17/2020)


August 14, 2020

Dear Garfield-Palouse Families:

In light of the Garfield-Palouse joint board decision to open our schools remotely for the Fall of 2020-2021 school year, our reopening plans have changed.  The full reopening plans for both Garfield and Palouse will be posted on the school district website on Monday, August 17th.  These plans will address our on-line learning model and how school will operate when our students return to the classroom.  Please understand these plans will be modified and adjusted as new information becomes available.  Thank you all for your continued support of our schools and students.  

Zane Wells: Garfield Superintendent/Principal

Calvin Johnson:  Palouse Superintendent

Mike Jones:  Palouse School Principal




The Whitman County Health Department just released their recommendation for all schools in the county and they are recommending:

  1. On Line for all Middle and High School students in Whitman County.
  2. On Line for Pullman, Colfax and Palouse Elementary Schools.


School Start Pushed Back One Week                       (8-11-2020)

On 8-10-2020 the Garfield/Palouse Joint Board delayed the opening of school by one week, with teachers now reporting on August 26th and students starting September 2nd!   

This decision was made because the Covid situation in Whitman County took a drastic turn for the worse last week and the numbers now place us well into the High-Risk category as opposed to the Moderate Risk when the original Reopening plan was adopted. Per the Reopening guidelines established by the State, DOH and OSPI, On-Line Only for reopening school is recommended in this High-Risk category.

The Board had planned a meeting for Monday August 17th to make a final opening decision, however in lieu of the just released Whitman County recommendations that meeting could be moved forward. Please check back for further updates! 

SCHOOL REOPENING UPDATE                                 (8-1-2020)


On 7-30-2020 the Boards adopted a School Reopening Plan that starts school in person on August 26th! This is an initial Plan to get students back in school, but will need to be revised & adjusted as new information, guidance from the state and the Covid situation continues to develop.

This initial Plan will be shared in the near future as will additional detailed information concerning the various adjustments needed (entry/exit areas, health checks, mask, sanitation, school day schedule, buses, food service etc.)  for the successful and safe opening of our school during this difficult time.  We can share that mask and 6’ spacing will be required.   

Please understand that there are no guarantees with this situation and these plans could change at a moment’s notice so please check this site regularly.  We ask for your understanding and support in this effort to keep each other healthy and adjust to the numerous challenges this situation has brought on us all.


Garfield and Palouse Schools are currently working on establishing a Reopening Plan in accordance to OSPI, State, and Local recommendation.  Please check back often for information pertaining to the reopening of our schools.  Currently:

August 10-14  - Plans will be finalized and posted and students will be able to start registering for school

August 17-21  - High School class registration will take place.

August 24/25  - Teachers report to school for inservice and training

August 26th  - First day of school for K-12 students