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Palouse Elementary Update 9-14-2020

Dear Palouse Elementary Families:

A few notes about the upcoming week:

Smoke/Air Quality:  As long as air quality is Hazardous and a concern, recess and PE will be indoors.  Please have your student plan accordingly (gym shoes).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020:  This is a normally scheduled half day for curriculum development.  Students will be released by 12:20, and busses will depart at this time.  Please make the proper arraignments for your student(s). 

Breakfast/Lunch: For families wanting to have breakfast and lunch provided at school, please contact the school with your request.  Although snacks are not provided, and we do not want to have community snacks, if you choose to provide a snack for your student to eat at recess, the teachers are happy to work with you.  Please visit with your classroom teacher(s).

Online:  We will be adjusting our online curriculum this week to move to Edgenuity / Path Blazer curriculum that is designed specifically for online education.  Assessments and instruction will be assigned and monitored by your classroom teacher.  Schedules will be further developed Wednesday, September 16th and provided by the end of this week with our goal for this to be our primary method of delivery starting 9/21/20.  Teachers will be working with this next week and introducing throughout the week.

The focus of our online offering is in the areas of ELA, Math, SS and Science; focusing on the standards given for each of these areas (; OSPI; etc).  Specials have provided opportunities for enrichment in their areas and can be found on their online pages at

Login times will be provided for teachers to “checkin” on progress of students using google meets, but synchronous time is limited and students/families should expect to work independently using Path Blazer at home.  With students in the classroom as well, teachers are leaning on emails and specific times to answer questions and assist students choosing an online option.  Please be sure to email your teacher with questions.

Second Week:  As we enter the second week of elementary classes, students and staff have done a great job of adapting to a difficult situation.  Through the first four days, we as a staff are re-evaluating how we offer material and what our limitations are as a school.  We hope to have everyone in person, but know that families are making difficult decisions and doing what they feel appropriate for their families and students.  Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through this “new” year and an ever-changing situation.