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Garfield-Palouse Middle School Guidelines/Rules for Athletic Competitions

Now that we are in Phase III, indoor basketball competition can take place here at Garfield-Palouse Middle School. However, like so many other things in our lives that are Covid-19 related, there are some restrictions to how indoor competitions will look. Please look over the following guidelines for rules and expectations for this year’s home events.

Each player will be allowed four entrants to home and away contests. There will be

  a sign-in sheet at the door. Children will be counted as an entrant. Please keep

  them seated next to you in the stands.

- All of our home girls basketball games will be played in Palouse. For these games,

  please enter at the elementary entrance of the building. All other doors will be locked.


- All of our home boys basketball games will be played in Garfield. For these games,

  please enter on the West side of the school near the gym. 
     - Upon entering the facility, please go straight into the gymnasium.

     - You may sit together if from the same household, but please practice social

       distancing with other attendees.

     - Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times.
     - There will be no concessions.
     - One set of bathroom facilities will be open in the high school wing of the school.

     - One set of bathroom facilities will be open in the middle school.

- At this time, visiting schools will also be allowed to have four entrants. 

- The events at Garfield-Palouse will be live streamed on YouTube at no charge. Those

  interested should go to and click on the “Watch Gar-Pal Live Sports”

  tab.  If there is a live event, it should be available and ready to watch.

- Once the contest is over, please do not congregate on the floor in large groups. Again,

  we need to practice social distancing and it is best if fans quickly leave the facility.

- There is not a bus that transports students between Garfield and Palouse after games.

  Please plan accordingly.


While these restrictions are not ideal, we need everyone to continue to do their part and follow the state and local mandates and guidelines. The intent is to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We are excited that our student athletes are going to get to compete, and look forward to seeing our Raider athletes back out on the floor.