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Garfield-Palouse Facility Use

Garfield and Palouse Gyms will be closed the week of August 2-August 16 for floor refinishing.  Please check back often with updates.


Gym / Weight Room Use

Weight Room:  Beginning June 21, 2021, the weight room will be available to the public and limited to 10 people due to limited space.  You are still being asked to wear a mask on school grounds as that guidance has not changed, we will update when we receive additional information.

If you plan to use the facility, please wipe down equipment after use and spray.  Sanitizer will be available in the weight room and you should bring your own towel(s).  The restroom is operational and available for your use and you may contact the school for door code and availability.    

Gym use:  Gym use is available starting July 1 – August 1st (Gym floor will be resurfaced in early August).  Until further notice, you are still asked to wear a mask and please use sanitizer/wipes on equipment used.  Please bring your own ball, as equipment use will be limited to nets and baskets.  Locker rooms are still not in use, the HS restrooms are the primary bathroom facility available.  Please contact the school to schedule times for use and door code.